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Head fire post oak savannah

As a member of the SCTPBA, you support our mission and goals and are key to our success as an all-volunteer association. Your dues help us ensure that we have sufficient equipment in good working order and necessary first aid supplies. You donate your time and personal vehicles and equipment to help with prescribed burns and provide essential personnel. Without you and your commitment to our mission, we would not exist.

Members on a burn, fire burning in the background

Being a member also comes with responsibilities. You must read and understand our bylaws and policies. You must be adequately insured if the SCTPBA volunteers help with a burn on your property. Below you can read all you need to know about the operations of the SCTPBA. Should you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the board members.

Member of the SCTPBA monitoring the weather during a burn



Operating Handbook

Burn Plan Template

If you want to conduct a prescribed burn on your property and request our volunteers assist, you’ll also need to read about the process to accomplish that: Process for Getting a Prescribed Burn. To become a member today, please complete a membership application.

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